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Millesimè opera sul mercato del vintage dal 1996 e rappresenta una delle più affascinanti finestre sul panorama italiano e internazionale. Fornisce servizi di vendita all'ingrosso, al dettaglio, e noleggio in tutto il mondo.

La continua ricerca del dettaglio e l'abilità nel riconoscere l'autenticità di un capo sono le caratteristiche vincenti di Millesimè.
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"Millesime" is the word for vintage seen on the bottles of the most desirable wines in the world.

Millesimè operates on the market of vintage since 1996 and is one of the most fascinating windows on the Italian and international scene. It provides wholesale services, retail, and rental worldwide. Our company, with it’s 12 years of experience, it’s eye for detail, it’s passion for the history of fashion and it’s sense of style, offers vintage clothing and accessories which, like a fine wine, are appreciated by those lucky enough to wear them. 

During these years, Millesimè has set down strong roots which has allowed the company to grow to be a market leader in the vintage field. Our ability to select authentic items from 1920’s – 1980’s, our ability to work with our customers (who come from all over the world) and our ability to continually source 1000’s of items each week means that we constantly meet our clients need in an ever changing market. 

Our warehouse is like a small time machine with items and accessories from famous designers such as Pucci, Dior and Chanel. Our company does not just trade in vintage clothes but has a real love of 20th century fashion and we work hard to preserve the rich history of designs, patterns and textiles that have immortalized the famous names in fashion design.
Like a museum our love of vintage unites wholesale and dealer. 

Our vast collection is also available for hire to inspire a whole new generation of artists, stylist, designers and film makers. We source our items looking through the eyes of our customers. We work with integrity and respect and we now supply shops in many major international cities. 

The continued pursuit of detail, the ability to recognize the authenticity of an item are the winning features of Millesimè.

The company also has a unique historical archive, made up of over 1,000 rare items, which makes available to researchers and fashion designers. Over the past five years, Millesimé began working with her archive for many fashion houses, with creative directors of multinational companies such as: Valentino, Dsquared, CNC Costume National D&G Dolce and Gabbana, who have chosen us for our modus operandi combined with a real passion.

The attraction for fashion aesthetic has become a business project through the recovery of a cultural memory that otherwise would be lost: it was clear that fashion would have used more and more references to the past, in fact, the vintage is still great today source of inspiration for contemporary fashion.

Passion for vintage clothing, research, careful selection and conservation of the leaders, considering the client's needs: these are the "key words" and values of our company.

Millesimé has many customers from England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and also from America.

General Marketing Manager: francesco.esposito@millesime.it

Administration and Accounts Receivable Purchasing: amministrazione@millesime.it

Webmarketing: webmarketing@millesimestory.com 

Sales in Italy and abroad: customercare@millesime.it

For general information: info@millesime.it

Phone: 0823 65 31 91

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